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Find your place in the Metaverse

Welcome to Meiyo

Meiyo is a community-ruled Metaverse ecosystem for entertainment and games that allows users to play games/experiences created by the community. 

The Metaverse

Our creator framework ensures creations are cross-compatible, meaning that skins and other player assets can be used in many Meiyo experiences. 


By linking player assets to the ecosystem in this way, they have so much more utility; you can win a set of armour in an esports competition and wear it to complete quests in an unrelated fantasy game. Or, if you'd rather monetise your skills, you could sell the armour to the highest bidder on our marketplace.

Why Meiyo?

Translated from Japanese (名誉), Meiyo means 'Honour'.  We believe existing gaming platforms are not doing enough to incentivise honourable behaviour online, resulting in toxic communities that strip away the fun. We've adopted the name Meiyo to remind ourselves that our mission is not complete until everyone in our community is safe from hostility.

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Meiyo: An Overview

In its current form, the games industry can be likened to a sea of isolated experiences. Suppose we took a character from Call of Duty and placed it in a Fortnite environment. Since the developers of both games have used an entirely different set of production standards, it is unlikely that the character would function as intended.

Meiyo solves this problem by providing creators with the tools and guidance they need to create experiences and assets that are cross-compatible, meaning that a player could win an outfit for their Meiyo avatar in one experience and take it with them into other experiences throughout the Metaverse.


By connecting player-owned assets to the ecosystem like this, the community can monetise their activities in ways that couldn't be done before. In fact, the ecosystem gives way to a vibrant economy that enables users to trade and earn real money.

Whatever your role in the Metaverse, you'll need to understand how the Meiyo economy works if you want to make money. Check out the Guide to the Meiyo Economy to learn about monetisation. 

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The Metaverse won't build itself, you know? Join our community of verified creators to get your creations onto the official marketplace and experience library. If you're interested in game development or 3D asset creation, take a look at how to Become a Verified Creator.

As a player, you might be wondering how the Metaverse will change your gaming experience. Experiences within the Meiyo ecosystem are cross-compatible, meaning that you can take your hard-earned skins (and other player assets) with you as you hop from one experience to another. What are you waiting for? Get out there and Explore the Metaverse.

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Phase 1 (2023)

We'll begin building the creator pipelines for game development and asset creation, including documentation and guidance. These pipelines will be developed alongside a pilot experience, enabling us to test and validate Meiyo creations before progressing to Phase 2.

During Phase 1, you can join the creator community by invite only. However, players can register for early access to see what it's all about.

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Phase 2 (2024)

Once the creation pipeline has been validated, Meiyo will go live.


What this means for creators

Anyone can join the creator community by completing the steps to become a Verified Creator. Using our creation pipeline, you'll be able to make cross-compatible games, experiences and assets for free, and you'll be able to monetise these creations in a variety of ways.

What this means for players

Players can start exploring the Metaverse. Let's say you win a melee duel in a medieval-style battle arena and are rewarded with a set of rare (and extremely good looking) armour. You'll be able to wear this armour in a role-playing fantasy game elsewhere in the Metaverse, or you could sell it on our marketplace and make real money.

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Phase 3 (2025)

This final phase, if the community decides to commit to it, will see Meiyo transition from Web2 to Web3, forming the Meiyo DAO. This means Meiyo will become decentralised - there will be no central power making decisions about the future of the ecosystem. Instead, the community will propose and vote on changes to the ecosystem through a democratic process.

Web3 might be an important part of Meiyo's long-term future, so it's important that you understand the Web3 technologies that are revolutionising the gaming experience if you want to get involved. 

Ultimately, the decision to move to Web3 is up to the community. You'll have plenty of time to learn before a decision has to be made.

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While we work on the video that's supposed to go here, we thought it would be cool to show a concept we've been working on for some time... Imagine the future of VR esports - we don't want to say too much, but think along the lines of 'laser-tag meets Call of Duty.'

Register for Early Access

Thanks for registering!


The interdimensional duel arena

Welcome to Evra, the interdimensional duel arena. The arena takes its name from - and is controlled by - an artificially intelligent overseer who brings together the finest warriors from around the multiverse and pits them against each other in a fight to the death.

The multiverse is a big place...

Do you think a Samurai would beat a Viking? What the heck is a Space Cowboy? Is that guy wearing a pumpkin as a helmet? Would you rather shoot laser beams or normal bullets? Is it me, or does the rightmost character look sus?

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Meiyo Pilot Experience: Evra Melee Arena

The idea is simple: battle opponents inside the duel arena and earn rewards for your victories. By making this game, we're showcasing the utility of the Meiyo ecosystem - rewards will come in the form of Meiyo assets (e.g. skins) and can therefore be used elsewhere in the Metaverse or sold to other Meiyo players.

Melee Arena

The early release will showcase Evra's melee duel arena, so you'll need to master the combat system if you want to be a champion. You'll compete in tournaments and earn rewards such as rare weapon and armour skins for each victory. 

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The Future of Evra

We want Evra to grow into a Metaverse esports franchise covering a wide range of competitive game modes, from melee to shooter and beyond. Meiyo's creator community can build all kinds of arenas for players to fight in, so it really will feel like you're exploring the multiverse... metaverse... or whatever you want to call it.

As an esports organisation, we'll always be looking to entertain our audience as much as our players. That's why we'll be including virtual reality support from the beginning; you'll be able to portal into the Evra arena and watch games from the stands. 

Community Spin-Offs

We also want to encourage the community to develop spin-off experiences that expand on Evra's lore. For example, creators could release a spin-off experience to tell the story behind their new asset collection. 

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