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Elmdon Studios is an immersive software development studio: We utilise the power of virtual & augmented reality, motion capture and haptic technologies and apply them across a range of fields to streamline workflows and improve productivity & precision.

Elmdon Studios was founded in 2017 by Andrew Morrin while studying Financial Economics at Coventry University. Seeing the potential of virtual reality in esports, Andrew began teaching himself to code and researching & testing immersive technologies, meeting with manufacturers in the UK and Europe to learn more about their systems.

Andrew now holds an MSc Computer Science degree from the University of Birmingham, and what started as a simple idea to combine esports with virtual reality has grown into a business with solutions in education, research, training, marketing and entertainment.

The metaverse is nothing new: you're looking through a screen into the metaverse right now. The problem is that your computer screen is a flat, two-dimensional surface, and there are few ways of visualising digital content on it. We believe that visualising digital content in three dimensions will revolutionise the way we create, learn and play.

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